Filing An SR-22 Insurance Form In Texas

Texas SR-22 Insurance

A motorist in Texas can have their license suspended for numerous reasons, such as substance offenses, driving a car without insurance or committing a serious traffic violation. No license means no driving and before your permit can be reinstated by the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), you may be forced to file for special SR-22 liability insurance.

What is SR-22 Insurance In Texas?

The SR in SR-22 means Safety Responsibility and is often seen a type of higher-risk auto insurance that carries certain requirements not found in basic auto insurance policies. The SR-22 is issued to the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) as confirmation you are an insured, financially accountable driver. Even though you may no longer own a car, it's possible you may have to obtain a non-owner SR-22 policy in order for your driving privileges to be reinstated.

Minimum Insurance coverage

When filing for SR-22 coverage you must pay for insurance coverage that meets the minimum liability insurance coverage amounts required by law in Texas. As of January 1, 2011 the minimum liability coverage according to the Texas Department of Insurance is $ 30,000 for injured people, up to a total of $ 60,000 per automobile accident.

Submitting an SR-22 form in Texas

Your insurance provider can assist you in filing an SR22 form in Texas, and then submit it on your behalf, or you can file the form on your own at your local DPS office. If you choose to do this yourself you need to find an insurer which offers specialist SR-22 insurance before filing the form.

Term of SR-22 Insurance.

Texas law makes it necessary that you keep SR-22 insurance for 2 years from the date of filing in order to keep a legitimate driver's license status. If the policy is cancelled or runs out before the two-year period has passed, your insurance company will send a notice to the DPS and your license will be suspended until you regain SR-22 coverage just as before.

Locating cheaper SR-22 insurance in Texas

Not every insurers provide SR-22 insurance but the majority do, and like searching for any insurance policy, the best way forward is basically to shop around and compare prices from a number of trustworthy insurance agents before committing on a single policy.

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